Cuisinart ICE-60W Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-60WEveryone loves ice cream and if you have kids in your home, it is better to have an ice cream maker in your house. There are lots of ice cream makers in the market but choosing the right one is what matters the most. So, in case you are looking to buy an ice cream maker, which will be affordable and easy to handle, then Cuisinart ICE-60W might be the right solution for you. With this machine present in your house, you won’t need to have those commercially made ice creams any more. All you will need is a place in the freezer to freeze the mixer bowl. Your ice cream will be ready.



The cleaning procedure is pretty much easier. You need to use warm water with soap, rather than the dishwasher. You can also use cloths to clean the appliance.


Do not try anything with the item. Call an expert for the maintenance service.


If the unit is overheated, it will stop the system automatically. You need to take care of the pieces of ingredients you put in. Do not put larger pieces as it will not let the ice cream cook really well. If the unit gets stopped you can restart it later, after removing the extra ingredients.



Final Thoughts

This Cuisinart ICE-60W is a very good unit and works fine as the ice cream maker at home. The price is affordable and you can be sure that you will be able to use it long enough before it shows some sign of trouble. Even if it does, you can use your warranty to fix it and use it for at least 3 years straight. So, get this product today and enjoy a great dessert at home.


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